This course outline for the WAEC/GCSE ‘O’ Level Biology curriculum is designed as a general guide to structure a course over twenty sessions. Please keep in mind that the pace and depth of content in each session may be adjusted according to the student’s specific needs and prior knowledge. This framework assumes a fundamental understanding of biology and might vary for beginners or more advanced students.


Additionally, the structure and content of the course can be tailored to fit the unique learning requirements of each student or group, which ensures a balanced approach catering to all levels of learners. Consequently, this accommodatesfull-program students and those engaging in revision programs.

Session 1: Introduction to GCSE Biology

  • Overview of the WAEC/GCSE Biology syllabus.
  • Introduction to key Biological concepts.

Session 2-3: Cell Biology

  • Cell structure and function.
  • Microscopy and magnification.

Session 4-5: Organisation

  • The human digestive system.
  • The human circulatory system.
  • Plant tissues and organs.

Session 6-7: Infection and Response

  • Bacteria, viruses and the body’s defences.
  • Vaccination and antibiotics.

Session 8-9: Bioenergetics

  • Photosynthesis and respiration.
  • Energy and exercise.

Session 10-11: Homeostasis and Response

  • Nervous and hormonal control.
  • Negative feedback systems.

Session 12-13: Inheritance, Variation and Evolution

  • Genetics and genetic crosses.
  • Natural selection and evolution.

Session 14-15: Ecology

  • Ecosystems and material cycles.
  • Biodiversity and conservation.

Session 16: Practical Skills

  • Developing experimental skills.
  • Understanding key practical techniques.

Session 17: Revision

  • Review of major topics.
  • Problem-solving and exam-style questions.

Session 18: Problem-Solving and Exam Techniques

  • Approaching complex, multi-step problems.
  • Effective revision techniques and exam strategies.

Session 19: Mock Examination

  • Full-length mock examination under timed conditions.

Session 20: Mock Examination Feedback and Further Study

  • Detailed feedback on mock examination.
  • Identification of areas for further study.

This proposed course outline encompasses the major topics typically found in a GCSE ‘O’ Level Biology syllabus. It should, however, be adapted based on the specific examination board and any recent changes to the syllabus. It’s also crucial to regularly assess student progress and adjust the course structure accordingly to address any areas of difficulty.