Our Summer Schools

Welcome to the Summer Schools Programme at Oorla Tutors, an immersive six-week learning experience designed to engage, challenge, and inspire students from primary to secondary school levels.

Oorla Tutors Summer School

Hybrid Classe: Physical And Online

Making your future brighter

Experience a summer of learning and fun! Enrol your kids in our power-packed summer program at Oorla Tutors, where education meets excitement! Enrol your child at Oorla Tutors Summer Class where learning meets fun! 

Program For Junior Secondary

Some of the summer program for Junior secondary include some of these subjects:

Academic Subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • English Language
  • Basic Science
  • Business Studies

IT Courses:

  • Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Scratch programming
  • Python Programming

Other Activities:

  • Creative writing
  • Reading Class
  • Games

Program For Senior Secondary

Some of the summer program for senior secondary include some of these subjects:

Academic subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Biology


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Government
  • Economics

IT courses:

  • Python programming
  • Robotics
  • Graphic Design
  • Microsoft Office.

Other Activities:

  • Creative Writing
  • Reading Class
  • Games

Summer Program For Secondary School Graduates


  • Microsoft Office & Database Management
  • Python Programming & Introduction To Cyber Security
  • User Interface/User Experience Design

Our Programmes

We offer a blend of online, in-person, and hybrid classes crafted to ensure a stimulating and flexible learning environment that caters to diverse student preferences and needs. Please note that spaces for the classroom mode are limited, and early registration is encouraged to secure your place.


Comprehensive Coverage

Our Summer Schools Programme encompasses all WAEC, GCSE, and JAMB subjects. This comprehensive coverage enables students to delve deeper into their chosen subjects, discover new academic interests, and reinforce core concepts ahead of the upcoming academic year.

Small Class Sizes

In our endeavour to offer personalised attention and maximise student-teacher interaction, we maintain small class sizes across all our programmes. This facilitates a tailored teaching approach that caters to individual students’ learning styles, enhancing engagement and academic progression.

Benefits of Summer Schools

  1. Academic Enrichment: Our Summer Schools Programme provides an excellent opportunity for students to delve deeper into subjects of interest or explore new academic territories, thus fostering intellectual growth and curiosity.
  2. Skill Development: Beyond academic reinforcement, our summer schools focus on developing essential skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. These skills boost academic performance and equip students with abilities that transcend the classroom.
  3. Preparation for the New Academic Year: The summer programme provides a structured learning environment that helps students bridge the gap between academic years, keeping their minds engaged and preparing them for the forthcoming school term.
  4. Flexible Learning Modes: Whether your child prefers the direct interaction of a classroom, the convenience of online learning, or a blend of both, our diverse learning modes cater to every student’s needs.

Oorla Tutors’ Summer Schools Programme presents a unique opportunity to transform your child’s summer into a season of learning and growth. With a focus on academic enrichment, skill development, and preparation for the new academic year, our programme promises an engaging, rewarding, and memorable summer learning experience.

Register early to secure your child’s place in this enriching journey of discovery and learning.