Computer Science

The following WAEC/GCSE ‘O’ Level Computer Science course outline is intended as a general guide and is spread across twenty sessions. Please note that the depth and pace of the course content may be adjusted to cater to each student’s unique needs and prior understanding. This outline presumes a foundational understanding of Computer Science, and as such, it may vary for students at different proficiency levels.


Additionally, the course content can be customised to meet each student’s or group’s individual needs, providing an adaptable learning environment suitable for learners of all levels. Therefore, this outline can be adapted for full-program students and those involved in revision programs.

Session 1: Introduction to WAEC/GCSE Computer Science

  • Overview of the WAEC/GCSE Computer Science syllabus.
  • Introduction to key computer science concepts and principles.

Session 2-3: Understanding Computers and Hardware

  • Computer systems, hardware components, and their functions.
  • Data storage and memory.

Session 4-5: Software and Programming Languages

  • Understanding software, operating systems, and utility software.
  • Overview of programming languages and their uses.

Session 6-7: Algorithms and Problem-Solving

  • Designing and using algorithms to solve problems.
  • Understanding flowcharts and pseudocode.

Session 8-9: Programming Techniques

  • Fundamental programming constructs: sequences, selections, and iterations.
  • Using data types, variables, and arrays.

Session 10-11: Object-Oriented Programming

  • Understanding classes, objects, methods, and properties.
  • Principles of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Session 12-13: Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Understanding data structures: arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs.
  • Algorithms for searching and sorting data.

Session 14-15: Databases and SQL

  • Introduction to databases and their uses.
  • Basic SQL queries for creating, reading, updating, and deleting data.

Session 16: Revision and Exam Techniques

  • Review of major topics.
  • Effective study techniques and exam strategies.

Session 17: Mock Examination

  • Full-length mock examination under timed conditions.

Session 18: Mock Examination Feedback

  • Detailed feedback on mock examination.
  • Identification of areas for further improvement.

Session 19: Networking and CyberSecurity

  • Basic understanding of networking concepts.
  • Introduction to cyber security and safe online practices.

Session 20: Final Review and Preparation

  • Recap of key computer science concepts.
  • Final tips and strategies for achieving examination success.

This proposed course outline encompasses the major topics typically found in a WAEC/GCSE ‘O’ Level Computer Science syllabus. However, it should be adjusted based on the specific examination board and any recent changes to the syllabus. Regular assessment of student progress and adjustment of the course structure should be undertaken to address any areas of difficulty.