English Language

The following WAEC/GCSE ‘O’ Level English Language course outline is intended as a general guide, constructed over twenty sessions. It’s important to acknowledge that the depth and pace of course content may be adapted to align with each student’s unique needs and prior comprehension. This outline assumes a fundamental understanding of English and may thus vary for students at different proficiency levels.

The content of the course can be customised to meet the unique needs of each student or group, providing a versatile learning environment suitable for learners of all levels. As such, this outline can be adapted for full-program students and those involved in revision programs.


Session 1: Introduction to WAEC/GCSE English Language

  • Overview of the WAEC/GCSE English Language syllabus.
  • Introduction to key linguistic concepts.

Session 2-3: Reading Skills – Fiction

  • Comprehension and analysis of fiction texts.
  • Techniques for tackling unseen passages.

Session 4-5: Reading Skills – Non-fiction

  • Comprehension and analysis of non-fiction texts.
  • Techniques for evaluating writers’ perspectives.

Session 6-7: Writing Skills – Descriptive and Narrative

  • Developing strong narrative voice.
  • Utilising imagery and descriptive techniques.

Session 8-9: Writing Skills – Argumentative and Persuasive

  • Constructing compelling arguments.
  • Effective persuasive techniques.

Session 10-11: Spoken Language

  • Developing effective speaking skills.
  • Presentation skills and public speaking.

Session 12-13: Grammar and Punctuation

  • Advanced grammar rules and usage.
  • Appropriate and effective punctuation.

Session 14-15: Vocabulary and Spelling

  • Expanding vocabulary for various text types.
  • Spelling rules and common pitfalls.

Session 16: Revision

  • Review of major topics.
  • Practice exercises and comprehension tasks.

Session 17: Problem-Solving and Exam Techniques

  • Approaching comprehension questions effectively.
  • Revision strategies and exam tips.

Session 18: Mock Examination

  • Full-length mock examination under timed conditions.

Session 19: Mock Examination Feedback

  • Detailed feedback on mock examination.
  • Identification of areas for further study.

Session 20: Final Review and Preparation

  • Last-minute exam tips and strategies.
  • Overview and consolidation of key concepts.

This proposed course outline encapsulates the key topics in a WAEC/GCSE ‘O’ Level English Language syllabus. However, it should be adjusted based on the specific examination board and any recent changes to the syllabus. Regular assessment of student progress and adjustment of the course structure should be undertaken to address any areas of difficulty.