English Literature

The following GCSE ‘O’ Level English Literature course outline is intended as a general guide and is structured over twenty sessions. Please be aware that the depth and pace of course content can be adjusted to cater to each student’s unique needs and prior understanding. This layout presumes a basic understanding of English literature and may vary for beginner or advanced students.

In addition, the course content can be individually tailored to suit each student or group, providing an accommodating approach for learners at all levels. This flexible approach makes the course adaptable for full-program students and those in revision programs.


Session 1: Introduction to WAEC/GCSE English Literature

  • Overview of the WAEC/GCSE English Literature syllabus.
  • Introduction to key literary concepts.

Session 2-4: Poetry

  • Understanding and analysing poetry.
  • Poetic devices and forms.

Session 5-7: Prose

  • Reading and understanding prose texts.
  • Exploration of narrative techniques and character development.

Session 8-10: Drama

  • Analysis of plays, including themes, characterisation, and dramatic techniques.
  • Understanding the context of the drama.

Session 11-13: Shakespeare

  • Study of a Shakespearean play.
  • Examination of language, theme, and context.

Session 14-15: 19th Century Novel

  • Reading and understanding 19th century literature.
  • Study of themes, characters, and historical context.

Session 16: Comparative Analysis

  • Techniques for comparing literary texts.
  • Practice exercises in comparative analysis.

Session 17: Revision and Exam Techniques

  • Overview of major topics.
  • Strategies for answering different types of questions.

Session 18: Mock Examination

  • Full-length mock examination under timed conditions.

Session 19: Mock Examination Feedback

  • Detailed feedback on mock examination.
  • Identification of areas for further study.

Session 20: Final Review and Preparation

  • Consolidation of key concepts.
  • Last-minute exam tips and strategies.

This proposed course outline encompasses the major topics in a WAEC/GCSE ‘O’ Level English Literature syllabus. However, it should be adjusted based on the specific examination board and any recent changes to the syllabus. Regular assessment of student progress and adjustment of the course structure should be undertaken to address any areas of difficulty.