Futher Mathematics

This WAEC/GCSE, ‘O’ Level Further Mathematics course outline, is meant as a general guide and is set out over twenty sessions. Please be aware that the depth and pace of the course content may be modified according to each student’s unique needs and prior knowledge. This plan presumes a foundational knowledge of Further Mathematics and may differ for students at various proficiency levels.

Furthermore, course content can be tailored to match the specific needs of each student or group, fostering a flexible learning environment that is accommodating for learners of all levels. As such, this guide can be adapted to suit both students undertaking the full course and those focusing on revision programs.


Session 1: Introduction to WAEC/GCSE Further Mathematics

  • Overview of the WAEC/GCSE Further Mathematics syllabus.
  • Discussion of key further mathematics concepts and principles.

Session 2-3: Advanced Algebra and Functions

  • Complex numbers: representation, operations and properties.
  • Series and sequences: arithmetic, geometric and recursive sequences.

Session 4-5: Calculus

  • Differentiation and integration: techniques and applications.
  • Numerical methods: root-finding algorithms and numerical integration.

Session 6-7: Trigonometry

  • Trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, and tangent.
  • Trigonometric identities and equations.

Session 8-9: Coordinate Geometry

  • Analytic geometry: lines, circles, and parabolas.
  • Polar coordinates and complex number plane.

Session 10-11: Matrices and Vectors

  • Matrix algebra: addition, multiplication, and inverses.
  • Vectors in two and three dimensions: operations and applications.

Session 12-13: Probability and Statistics

  • Probability theory: probability rules, conditional probability and Bayes’ theorem.
  • Statistics: measures of central tendency and dispersion.

Session 14-15: Differential Equations

  • First order differential equations: solution methods and applications.
  • Higher order differential equations and systems of equations.

Session 16: Revision and Exam Techniques

  • Review of major topics.
  • Study techniques and exam strategies for optimal performance.

Session 17: Mock Examination

  • A full-length mock examination under timed conditions.

Session 18: Mock Examination Feedback

  • Comprehensive feedback on mock examination.
  • Identification of areas for further study.

Session 19: Advanced Topics

  • Review of topics such as Fourier Series, Laplace Transform and others based on student needs and course requirements.

Session 20: Final Review and Preparation

  • Recap of key further mathematics concepts.
  • Final tips and strategies for examination success.

This proposed course outline encompasses the major topics typically included in a WAEC/GCSE ‘O’ Level Further Mathematics syllabus. However, it should be adjusted according to the specific examination board and any recent changes to the syllabus. Regular assessment of student progress and adjustments to the course structure should be carried out to address any areas of difficulty.